About Wild Carrot Cordage

Hi there! My name is Heather and I am the owner and chief sewist here at Wild Carrot Cordage. Although I originally began making rope baskets because I wanted to create handmade Christmas gifts for friends and family, I quickly realized that it took quite a bit of skill and work to make the rope behave the way I wanted. After much practice, I ended up with more baskets than I knew what to do with! When a friend suggested I sell them at a local gift shop in 2016, my little artistic endeavor soon evolved into a full-on, creative small business. 

At Wild Carrot Cordage, simplicity is our reason to be. Everything we make begins with a simple, beautiful design. We work exclusively with natural-fiber ropes such as cotton and hemp, adding only minimal color accents. We often find inspiration from Amish simplicity and modern Scandinavian decor. We hope you love our baskets as much as we do!